Recently hip hop and music mogul Damon Dash opened his gallery in Tribeca called DD172 (Aka the Damon Dash Gallery). Showcasing some of the most incredible talent that excels way beyond the expected street art tag, the gallery opening was of course insanity. Lines round the block hours before the doors opened, the street blocked with people so so desperate to be a part of it that they probably jammed the cell phone network calling ANYONE on the inside to get them in.

The magazine I am co-producing which launches for NY Fall Fashion Week is running a spread on the arists that showed that night and I was lucky enough to spend a day with them. Not only were they supremely talented and passionate, but just a great bunch in general. It became a small party during the shoot at the gallery as their mates all came down to spin records, hang out and chill in the final hours of the weekend.

Can’t show the magazine pics here as it’s under wraps for the launch but here’s a quick snap taken with my big old Mamiya film camera of the crew and their mates. One of those days you remember as supremely fun…

Thanks guys..