The Brooklyn Navy Yards

Was recently assisting on a shoot on location at the Brooklyn Navy Yards which is an odd place that seems like it will never get out of the time warp it’s in, as if the dilapidated ruins of the 1940’s will continue to crumble next to the disused areas de-commissioned in the 70’s that unction next to the newer parts of the immense space. And I hope they don’t change a thing. As the old New York is continually swept away to make room for soulless condo towers and yogurt shops, it’s nice to stand in a part that doesn’t really seem to change.

This view is on the waterfront looking north towards the Williamsburg Bridge. Aforementioned soulless condo towers to the right (that are blocking my friends’ prized view of the city who live in an old warehouse on Kent Ave.). Shot on Mamiya 645 on out of date Reala film at about 6:30am. Coffee please…