Farewell Coney Island

It’s the last days of November, it’s cold and grey and the type of day where the sun belts through every once in a while but it doesn’t warm anything. Going out to Coney Island on a day like this is like another world after the summer crowds have moved on and the sideshows have shuttered their store fronts. Like a ghost town, a couple of businesses on the boardwalk stay open during the week, defiantly, like Ruby’s Bar (packed on July 4th weekend, probably sees 5 customers a day this time of year) or Nathan’s Famous Hotdogs, and the local businesses opposite the eerily silent fun park. It’s nothing short of atmospheric, made more so by the fact that it is slowly being torn down to be redeveloped into a Disneyland-esque funpark. It’ll be a shame once it re-zoned, cleaned up and gentrified. It feels like one of the last pieces of old, old New York that you can walk through. These pics were shot on the Lomo ‘Sproketrocket’ landscape camera that shoots widescreen style and you can rewind the film manually to to multiple exposures wherever you want on the film. Great fun. Fingers got damn near frozen though.