Downtown L.A, Sunday 6AM

Los Angeles cops a lot of crap from the east coast, but I love it. It’s such an odd mix of a man made ode to cinema and popular American culture, very flat architecturally and a little bit of a culture shock if you’ve lived in New York for a long period of time (people drive!, your favorite places are not all in a six block radius!) But most of all I was fascinated by how Broadway in downtown looks like 42nd street in the 1980’s. There are many lost souls down there and more homeless than I’ve seen in one area in my life. Streets go from clean and shiny to run down and various shades of dirty grey and brown all in the distance of one block. These shots were taken when I made my girlfriend, a resident of LA,  get up with me at 5:30am to be on Broadway in Downtown LA at 6am with a bunch of my film cameras to attempt to capture the empty streets and the sad state of the once glorious film palaces. I often feel like, as a film and cinema history buff, that we ought to be ashamed of ourselves for letting these amazing places that are so opulent on the inside and grand and created the feeling of a real night out at the movies go to waste for the sake of multiplexes, convenience and the home theatre options. But that’s another tirade of opinion… (click on an image to see a larger version. All shot on Mamiya 645)