Punk poet legends

Last night was one of those moments as a music fan that you really do give thanks to be living in New York where some of these absolute legends started a music revolution through words and instruments. As part of Steven Siebring’s exhibition opening at Milk Studios honoring the various punk music poets of the 70’s and 80’s, the lady herself, Patti Smith read a devastating series of poems, including a moving piece about the first day of America’s invasion of Iraq that made one think how the bombs that fell affected the simple things in life for the innocents of Baghdad. But back to the music, Patti was joined by members of the legendary Jim Carroll band, her own band, her daughter on piano and Michael Stipe for an incredible rendition of Everybody Hurts (due to, by her own admission, that she forgot the words!) She honored the past of New York’s poetry and punk scene by either reading or singing songs by REM, Joey Ramone (a great acoustic version of Blitzkrieg Pop followed) and Jim Carroll. It was one of those nights you’d remember for years to come. Click on an image to see a larger version.