The Creators Project

2011’s Creators Project took over the space under the Manhattan Bridge in Brooklyn combining art and live music. Last years event at Milk Studios was a bit more of a raucous affair with more upbeat bands and a tighter environment as opposed to this years spread out set up, which encouraged you to really walk around and explore. For a free gig you got Florence and The Machine, Atlas Sound, Queen Sea Big Shark, Aesop Rocky (who tried ever so hard to be as obnoxious as Odd Future), Justice, Four Tet and a few others. It was bloody cold but an overly fun day. And you’ve probably seen that big cube uploaded a million times already as it attracted cell phone cameras to it like flies. After about 10 hours on my feet, I put my feet up at home for ten minutes when dropping my camera home, to get set to party on – and woke up 12 hours later in all my clothes. Ah well..