Backstage at Glee

Glee Backstage

We recently went to LA to shoot the promotional photography for the current season of Glee. It was one of those jobs where I had a ‘moment’. We shot on the Paramount Studios backlot and I was surrounded by sets and sound stages where some of the most famous movies of all time were shot. “If I could go back and tell myself I would be here one day” kept banging in my head. Glee’s production where we shot takes up Paramount’s largest soundstage where classics like Rosemary’s Baby and many golden and silver age epics were made.  And across the way was a soundstage where all the interiors for Wayne’s World were shot. Outside the stage was a complex network of streets made to look like New York and other cities. These pics are taken around the sets that were not used for the day, all of them look genuine and real-world (like houses, school cafeterias, etc), except for the rows of lights and scrims over head and the fake scenery out the windows. Also shot a few of the extras that had to hang around all day playing the general high school population. the above cheerleader was my favorite. Click the Read More link for other pics.Glee BackstageGlee BackstageGlee BackstageGlee BackstageGlee Backstage