Hangin’ with Mr Saget

Bob Saget Andrew BoyleI had the pleasure of shooting Bob Saget a little while back for the DDD magazine. The thing with Bob was that I was only accustomed to his squeaky clean role as the father on 80s sitcom Full House, so when I did a little YouTube-ing for the standup comedy this man was now famous for, I was quite blown away ny not only his razor sharp with, but his filthy mouth. And he didn’t disappoint on the day. Full of humor, he was very personable and one of the best, most relaxed subjects I have photographed. We almost forgot to take the actual photos given the fantastic conversations, and had I not had to return to another shoot that day, no doubt I would have had a great “me and Saget started drinking at lunch time and all of a sudden it was 5am!”. Great fun…

Bob Saget Andrew Boyle