Ghosts of Aviation Past

Floyd Bennet Airfield

Recently I was on that Vutton campaign shoot, the one with the girls driving an old car, wearing driver hats and all that. However it was the location, an old airfield waaaaaay out in Brooklyn, that interested me more. Found at the end of Flatbush Ave, Floyd Bennett Airfield was New York’s first municipal airport opened in 1930. It is no longer used for commercial flight, but the NYPD has a heliport there. Now housing examples of historic aircraft, some of the hangers themselves are in a state of disrepair while others are used for commercial use, but thankfully repurposed, leaving the original structures intact for prosperity. The hangers here however are the ones that are closed off to the public due to safety, but last I was out there on another shoot, the structural damage was being fixed. It’s landmark status means the area will remain unchanged. In a  city like New York that is literally demolishing entire neighborhoods of architectural past (like Hell’s Kitchen making way for the disgusting steel and glass complex neighborhood of the pretentiously named ‘Hudson Yards’, or the historic Williamsburg Industrial waterfront area down to Greenpoint being shunted aside for condo towers of filing cabinets), it is nice to see a piece of history remain for future generations to enjoy.Floyd Bennet AirfieldFloyd Bennet AirfieldFloyd Bennet AirfieldFloyd Bennet AirfieldFloyd Bennet Airfield