Wu Tang – Front and Centre

Wu Tang Clan Andrew BoyleWu Tang Clan (Method Man, Ghostface Killah and Raekwon to be exact) played a rather hyper show for the opening of New York Fashion Week at Milk Studios last week. After a fairly fun evening of myself and a friend running from showroom to showroom upstairs armed with a radio slaved flash and camera (he held the flash a few feet away I held true camera – confusing the fashionistas) snapping some fairly candid pics of the beautiful people, we headed downstairs, consumed much of the free booze, before pushing to the front and centre of the low stage for what was obviously going to be a raucous gig. The three Wu Tang fellows took to the stage with typical swagger, and flanked by the usual number of hip hop show hangers-on, numbering about  twenty people who ranged from guys that were obviously friends of the guys, snapping pics and videos, through to an odd few in suits smiling sheepishly and whipping out an iPhone to shoot cute girls. This number doubled toward the end to the point where Method Man looked perplexed with an expression that seemed to say ‘Who on this stage is actually part of this show?”. Driving home the cream of the Wu Tang’s crop of killer bee tracks, it was a sweaty gig with an enormous crush, pushing fans on stage and over the speakers. But no one came for an orderly sing-song, so by the time the last rhyme had been had, all involved were hoarse in the throat from rhyming – band and fans alike. The group left the stage, a few hangers-on seemed to have picked up some groupies for later and it was out into the late night chill with ringing ears.Wu Tang Clan Andrew BoyleWu Tang Clan Andrew BoyleWu Tang Clan Andrew BoyleWu Tang Clan Andrew BoyleWu Tang Clan Andrew Boyle