Portraits at Comic Con

Comic Con
NY Comic Con is, like other comic cons around the U.S, is a mecca for anyone into comics, movies and popular culture. New movies are announced that precede a year of major promotion, comic book creator heroes appear, massive panels are put together, and the range of things available to buy will put you in credit card debt for a considerable amount of time. Thousands and thousands of people descend on the Javitz Centre on New York’s west side in a sea of elaborate costumes. The cos-play (a term coined by merging costume and play) is a major part of the experience, with a high level of detail and effort going into many outfits. I took my big old film camera over there and snapped a bunch of exceptional outfits, a selection is shown here (click Continue Reading or the cover image to see them all). Comic ConComic_ConComic_ConComic_ConComic_ConComic_Con