Sometimes I Instagram…. (and why I found it hard to adapt to a digital industry)

InstagramOkay. The photo snob in me wants to scoff at myself for using Instagram. I’ll admit it. There is a part of me that is a straight up asshole and screams ‘It’s not a damn camera!’. I learned photography as the last class at RMIT University in Australia to have a completely film based curriculum. I learned the hard, long, laborious craft of film and print and the theory and not having an instant way to see what was going on, other than a test Polaroid. That’s why it was hard for me to mentally adapt to digital. You could now shoot forever rather than hone what you were doing into 36 chances on a roll of film (12 chances if you shoot 6×7 format). I graduated college as the industry was just beginning to embrace digital capture. But on the other hand I was lucky. I was taught to get it right in-camera, I was taught to know what you would get without seeing it until the film was processed. I told you I was a photo snob… I am however quite fond of Instagram. I have a few processes I like to use to mimic a film stock I like and an iPhone can be treated just like a limited functionality plastic camera in the end. And I admire some of the really good Instagram addicts out there (@flizzum in particular) who  shoot strictly thematically with creativity and seeing abstractly their everyday world. My Instagram is @andyboyle. I hope you find me! More pics by clicking Continue Reading below or the image.InstargramInstagramInstagramInstagram