The Halloween Dog Parade

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HalloweenDogDog owning and the culture in New York is a little odd. You see to me a dog is a rough-and-tumble burly thing that goes outside gets dirty, eats a big ol’ plate a’ meat and goes to sleep at night happy. In the big apple, some dogs are cross bred to be accessorized meaning they are usually the size of a rat, forced to eat bizarre diets and and kept stuffed in handbags. Not sure about you – but this is the same animal that will eat it’s own poop if it’s get’s a chance. However thankfully not all dogs in New York are treated like this, and there were many healthy looking and jaunty canines on show at the Thompkins Square Park HAlloween Dog Parade last October. People creatively dressed their dogs in a variety of pop culture inspired costumes. The Gidget Dog riding it’s own surf board was particularly inspired as well as the Royal Tennabaums trio. Click the continue reading link or the image above to see more!DogParadeDogParadeDogParadeDogParadeDogParade