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LAI’ve always had a soft spot for L.A and California. Like New York, it’s a place that, apart from my actual home town of Melbourne Australia, I feel comfortable and at home in, like I am instantly familiar with it. I first visited LA in 1990 and have been back and forth very regularly over the past few years. It feels like a place of classic Americana and what I identify with as a very integral part of the American landscape. It has a feeling of flatness and geometric shapes and the expanses and vacancy of the urban landscape and into the state’s expansive desert, I am endlessly fascinated with California. Where those in charge in New York are currently continually tearing down remnants of its rich architectural and cultural heritage to build a never-ending Disneyland-esque tourist mecca (probably not helped by the fact that there is only room to build up rather than out), LA has the advantage of its sprawl to retain much of it’s Hollywood romance. These are a images were shot in West Hollywood, Downtown LA and in the California Desert near Bombay Beach. LALALA