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BarbadosBarbados is one of the most amazing places I have visited. I was fortunate to be there for a week on an editorial photo shoot. It was one of those places that reminds me how much I, and the people I work with, live in western society. The people of Barbados are nothing short of beautiful. They look you in the eye. Although you are a stranger they say hello in the street. They want to offer you a part of their culture. And the seafood. Everything felt fresh. The roads were lined with small huts in various states of disrepair but they were the proud homes of many locals who didn’t seem to care that they were minus electricity. This gave way to some of the most phenomenal estates and mansions you will ever see, totally in harmony with the tree lined coasts and beaches. Within a day you start leaving your cell phone in the hotel room and you screw wi-fi for a book on the beach or just stare at the night sky. We had a fantastic local producer who is actually an English ex-pat now residing on the island for the last 20 years (she took photographer Ben Watts around the island where he shot several striking shots for his Big Up book. Although we were there for work it never felt like it and I was so grateful to meet so many wonderful locals and share a slice of their lifestyle. And I felt it so quirky that each car tooted at each other to say hi. These are people who truly know their neighbors.BarbadosBarbadosBarbadosBarbados