BOH_01Recently I got the pleasure of shooting Band Of Horses for the cover of several Street Press Australia magazine covers. Like any shot of a band it takes weeks of schedule changes all for about ten minutes with the group. Thankfully, while young and naive, I cut my teeth shooting many bands back in Australia including several big international groups who happened to be passing through town, all with varying restraints on time. Sometimes it’s long and casual (M.I.A remarkably slipping unrecognized in and out of alley’s for a fun photo romp in Melbourne the day after a big show) or completely mad (the hugely influential group The Dirty Three arriving and giving me TEN MINUTES to set up, light and shoot two different looks), but it’s always a lesson. Band of Horses genuinely had only nine minutes for me to shoot three cover options (they were in between media engagements and sound check for their NY show), so arriving at the Soho Grand’s cocktail bar to set up, I lit three options for about 45 minutes and had the boys step in as they arrived. Bang! bang! bang! Shake hands – done. The guys were very, very friendly and appreciative of the speed and I was very happy with the results. They were even nice enough to give me box seats for their show and invite me backstage to grab a drink after. In the end, it’s those things that make the hard work worth it. And we did the whole shoot with two minutes to spare.BOH_02