Shooting Mr. Mannion

13570Recently I was given the honor of photographing my photo hero Mr. Jonathan Mannion. Mr. Mannion is probably the most legendary hip hop photographer of all time, having created the genre’s most iconic images and building the visual identity of artists like Jay Z, DMX, Eminen, Notorious B.I.G and Lil Wayne to name but a few. His stories are phenomenal, of spending the day kicking it with some of the biggest names in the business (back when access to these artsist was easy) through to shooting artists in their home turf of some of America’s most dangerous streets. He has no ego and is a perfect gentleman, something of a rarity in the industry  needless to say I was nervous, but he treated me like a friend and we talked at length about photography and images, and I felt like a kid in school again learning from a master of the craft. One of those days where I couldn’t believe my luck to be alive in new York City, doing what I love for a living.