People of Comic Con 2013

Boyle_CC_Portraits_01Once again I ventured to New York Comic Con for four days to shoot portraits at what is without doubt the most enjoyable, friendly and fun event or festival hosted in New York City. The passion shown by the almost 120,000 crowd (tickets were long sold out) is exciting. With guests attending panels from all areas of popular culture numbering in the high hundreds, it’s daunting to think how many famous faces are in the buikding. But unlike things like Fashion Week or other supposed glamourous events , the celebs are on a level with the fans that support them. They mingle, talk and take questions on a level that is like friends getting together to chat. Comic Con is probably the most democratic of events in this sense. There’s no VIP privileges to segregate fans who have deeper pockets, press and the like can’t cut lines, everyone is there to participate. Shown here are my favorite costumes sen at the festival. With tes of thousands of people to shoot it was overwhelming. I was inspired by their passion, positivity and fearlessness to embrace their inner child. Complete strangers bond over shared interests. I salute you, the heroes of Comic Con! Boyle_CC_Portraits_12 Boyle_CC_Portraits_11 Boyle_CC_Portraits_10 Boyle_CC_Portraits_09 Boyle_CC_Portraits_08 Boyle_CC_Portraits_07 Boyle_CC_Portraits_06 Boyle_CC_Portraits_05 Boyle_CC_Portraits_04 Boyle_CC_Portraits_03 Boyle_CC_Portraits_02