Andy Kessler Day at House of Vans

_DSC8238In late September House of Vans in Brooklyn held Andy Kessler day which drew in hundreds of NYC skaters. Andy Kessler was a pro skater who haunted the rough corners of Central Park back in the day near the Bandshell at West 71st Street. He was a prominent member of The Soul Artists of Zoo York, and eventually headed construction of skate parks around the five boroughs of New York. He died in 2009. Kessler was one of those individuals that, along with graffiti artists, painters, punk bands and other misfits, turned a decaying NYC into a rough and once great cultural hive. With NYC made so damn clean by Mayor Bloomberg and the NYPD, so it was great to see hordes of skaters congregate in one place and not be getting shit. The NYPD is notorious for hassling kids on skateboards to the extent of running them down with their mobile cop scooters to fine them or arrest them. Check this funny video (sped up and set to the Benny Hill Yakkety Sax) with NYPD attempting to net skaters flowing downtown on the annual Broadway Bomb race over the weekend. Never mind the NYPD dangerously stopping flow of traffic on BOTH sides of the street! Anyway, Andy Kessler day was a great event, plenty of tricks were on display and some great hardcore, metal and hip hop DJ’d. All culminating in a big group portrait. I really like the space that is House Of Vans, how it still sits amongst a rapidly dying pocket of blue collar Williamsburg warehouses and dilapidated waterfront wild._DSC8303_DSC8224_DSC8261_DSC8285_DSC8203_DSC8323