The Yeezus Pop Up Store

Boyle_MM_Yeezus_store_01Late last year I hit the Yeezus pop up store with writer Cathleen Cher to check out the merch and the characters working the shop during Kanye’s tour stop in New York. Fans snapped up the rather inspired aestjetic (someone stole the distinctive lightning bolt ‘S’ from the logo adorning the store front door. It was an ominous frontage, encased all in black. Full article up on Milk Made.Boyle_MM_Yeezus_store_06Boyle_MM_Yeezus_store_14Boyle_MM_Yeezus_store_02Boyle_MM_Yeezus_store_15Boyle_MM_Yeezus_store_04Boyle_MM_Yeezus_store_03