The Vinyl Goldmine

_DSF9902In a basement underneath a thrift store on Manhattan Ave in Greenpoint is possibly the biggest collection of vinyl you will ever see. A collection so big, that over half of it is inaccessible due to the stacks and stacks of crates, piled floor to ceiling. I shot a portrait of Brooklyn based DJ and Mister Saturday Night founder Eamon Harkin a few years back. I was told to meet him at a ‘record store’. I had no idea it was anything like this. At the back of the store, stacks of records form a small passage way before steep steps lead you into what is probably the entire history of music on vinyl. DJ’s sweep through here looking for rare cuts and samples but it feels like a local secret. I came back recently to get some more photos, because you never know – with the wave of hyper-gentrification that devoured Williamsburg getting a little too close to Greenpoint – there’s no telling what the fate of a unique and fun place like ‘The Thing’ (that’s the name of the store) on Manhattan Ave might be.

Makes sure you visit Peter Pan Donuts about 10 minutes walk back to toward McCarren Park direction! Awesome!

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