Boyle_PoolParty__03Way back when… 2007 was my first summer in NYC as a resident and I was a fresh faced music photographer from Melbourne wondering how I could shoot live music in a new city. So I blagged my way into the newly launched ‘McCarren Park Pool Parties’ Sunday shows that were held inside the then dilapidated McCarren Pool (which has since been redeveloped and refurbished). It was rough around the edges, full of odd people and bands that would a year or two later show up on the festival circuit. best of all, it was all free. Having stayed in Williamsburg Brooklyn in 2002, when it was 100% devoid of condos it felt like this and the following summer of 2008 was about the last time the area would feel like a village of sorts. Ah well, no one likes a whiner…. Here’s some of the pics I shot. there’s a full collection up via my online magazine project ‘0379’. Boyle_PoolParty__11Boyle_PoolParty__09Boyle_PoolParty__08Boyle_PoolParty__10Boyle_PoolParty__12