20140909_Boyle_stylecom_77I was asked to join Made Fashion Week once again over New York Fashion Week to document the typically crazy affair. Part of that coverage was to produce a large portfolio of portraits of the faces that make up the week for style.com. Focusing on not just models, but the characters found backstage, the fashion eccentrics that live for the energy and excitement and the personalities. Here’s another selection of what ran over the course of the week.20140910__Boyle_stylecom_101 20140910__Boyle_stylecom_100 20140910__Boyle_stylecom_98 20140910__Boyle_stylecom_97 20140910__Boyle_stylecom_93 20140910__Boyle_stylecom_92 20140909_Boyle_stylecom_89 20140909_Boyle_stylecom_88 20140909_Boyle_stylecom_85 20140909_Boyle_stylecom_84 20140909_Boyle_stylecom_83 20140909_Boyle_stylecom_81 20140909_Boyle_stylecom_76