Boyle_Folsom_056This weekend, the Folsom Street Fair showed with much pride that isn’t for faint of heart, prudes or anyone without an open mind. Capping off Leather Pride Week in San Francisco, the Folsom Street Fair encapsulates 5 long intersecting city blocks (comparable to Manhattan’s cross town blocks) along Folsom Street, in San Fran’s Market District. It holds the record as the world’s largest leather event and showcase for BDSM products and culture with over 400,000 attendees. Needless it was a blast to shoot!Boyle_Folsom_197 Boyle_Folsom_195 Boyle_Folsom_194 Boyle_Folsom_191 Boyle_Folsom_185 Boyle_Folsom_182 Boyle_Folsom_177 Boyle_Folsom_170 Boyle_Folsom_167 Boyle_Folsom_164 Boyle_Folsom_162 Boyle_Folsom_158 Boyle_Folsom_115 Boyle_Folsom_136 Boyle_Folsom_138 Boyle_Folsom_140 Boyle_Folsom_148 Boyle_Folsom_151 Boyle_Folsom_110 Boyle_Folsom_102 Boyle_Folsom_099 Boyle_Folsom_095 Boyle_Folsom_090 Boyle_Folsom_058 Boyle_Folsom_046 Boyle_Folsom_040 Boyle_Folsom_034 Boyle_Folsom_033 Boyle_Folsom_022