140927_Boyle_SHSF_062Down in San Francisco’s Bayview District, costumed heroes and villains alike gathered for a superhero themed street rave of sorts, where seven stages were set up with a mix of reggae, dubstep, EDM and house. While costumes were not as extravagant as something like Comic Con, it was a curious mix of pop up stores devoted to arts and comic book culture, its manifesto is “to recognize individuals and organizations throughout San Francisco for their outstanding contribution to the arts, environment, and/or community action, and to have a day of music and cultural celebration welcoming all people of San Francisco and beyond.”140927_Boyle_SHSF_038 140927_Boyle_SHSF_039 140927_Boyle_SHSF_058 140927_Boyle_SHSF_071 140927_Boyle_SHSF_074 140927_Boyle_SHSF_077 140927_Boyle_SHSF_081 140927_Boyle_SHSF_089 140927_Boyle_SHSF_091 140927_Boyle_SHSF_096 140927_Boyle_SHSF_099 140927_Boyle_SHSF_101 140927_Boyle_SHSF_104 140927_Boyle_SHSF_106 140927_Boyle_SHSF_110 140927_Boyle_SHSF_115 140927_Boyle_SHSF_136 140927_Boyle_SHSF_164 140927_Boyle_SHSF_166 140927_Boyle_SHSF_171 140927_Boyle_SHSF_173