Gasoline_061This past weekend, PIQ, a great store found in New York’s Grand Central Station that specializes in designer toys, collectibles and creative products debuted the opening of The Grand Slam train show. Ringling in 10 years of the ‘All City’ train canvas (a model classic MTA subway car that many artists hail as the most iconic graffiti canvas) the show featured work by some of graffiti and street arts most respected writers and artists including Bio, BG 183, Meres, Phase Two, Kr.One, Dero, Per and more. All took the canvas and ran with it, each train car becoming a unique statement. I think a few people liked the wink at a show celebrating the art of graffiti indirectly housed inside the main hub for a transit system that tried to squash artists such as these. Get down while you can. More info here.

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