As well as shooting digitally, I did a polaroid series at NYFW for Milk. Using Mamiya RB67, Polaroid back and Fuji FP3000B, it was a slower, more meditative way to work. Given the price of the now discontinued film (really Fuji?) you have to limit yourself. This camera was the first camera I bought 15 years ago so it was nice to break it out again. I also added hand written notes to personalize it more.MadeFW_Boyle_Polaroids_01MadeFW_Boyle_Polaroids_02MadeFW_Boyle_Polaroids_03MadeFW_Boyle_Polaroids_04MadeFW_Boyle_Polaroids_05MadeFW_Boyle_Polaroids_06MadeFW_Boyle_Polaroids_07MadeFW_Boyle_Polaroids_08MadeFW_Boyle_Polaroids_09MadeFW_Boyle_Polaroids_10MadeFW_Boyle_Polaroids_11MadeFW_Boyle_Polaroids_12