Over the past weekend I hit up the Brooklyn Afropunk festival again in Brooklyn, now in it’s 11th year, which still stands as my favorite festival of the year. A celebration of black art, music, history, identity and power, this year featured a lineup including Ice Cube, Skunk Anansie, Tyler The Creator, Janelle Monae, Bad Brains among others. This year I moved away from shooting against white backgrounds and went with a different direction to tie in to the sense of pride and power. All images are as they were captured in camera, and have no post production, color manipulation done on them (some contrast added though).Boyle_Afropunk_01Boyle_Afropunk_02Boyle_Afropunk_03Boyle_Afropunk_04Boyle_Afropunk_05Boyle_Afropunk_06Boyle_Afropunk_07Boyle_Afropunk_08Boyle_Afropunk_09Boyle_Afropunk_10Boyle_Afropunk_11Boyle_Afropunk_12