Recently I hopped over to Patricia Field’s studio in NY’s Lower East Side to do some portraits for Made. She’s probably the city’s biggest fashion icon, ahead of any designers or fashionista’s that reside here. Having styled and created the looks for productions like Sex & The City and Devil Wears Prada, she’s as much a staple of the industry as Anna Wintour, and a true punk rock queenboyle_made_patriciafield_0004boyle_made_patriciafield_0007boyle_made_patriciafield_0008boyle_made_patriciafield_0009boyle_made_patriciafield_0012boyle_made_patriciafield_0056boyle_made_patriciafield_0075boyle_made_patriciafield_0092boyle_made_patriciafield_0164boyle_made_patriciafield_0165. Loved her no bullshit attitude and her energy.