Out of everything I shoot, NY Comic Con is my favorite. It’s such a huge celebration of the things comic, video games, TV, toy and pop culture fans relish. Given the geek culture is now such a massive industry, it’s great to see all the facets, mainstream and fringe, that are encompassed at this massive event.┬áThis year saw a record attendance of 180,000 people. Here’s a few that I stopped for portraits. In 2017 I am releasing a book that takes in all the people I’ve photographed over the past five years. This year, for the published articles, had everyone give me their name, age and occupation and it was such an incredible cross section of people, including an NYPD dispatcher, a paramedic, radiologist, several teachers and a man dressed as a fetish version of Boba Fett who holds down four part time jobs. The ‘Roman Emperor Trump’ informed me he builds “Empires and Walls that are so tremendous” full time. Hilarious.boyle_nycc16_0015boyle_nycc16_0031boyle_nycc16_0034boyle_nycc16_0052boyle_nycc16_0061boyle_nycc16_0067boyle_nycc16_0073boyle_nycc16_0078boyle_nycc16_0090boyle_nycc16_0102boyle_nycc16_0105boyle_nycc16_0115boyle_nycc16_0121boyle_nycc16_0135boyle_nycc16_0142boyle_nycc16_0153boyle_nycc16_0168boyle_nycc16_0185boyle_nycc16_0190boyle_nycc16_0197boyle_nycc16_0206boyle_nycc16_0215boyle_nycc16_0227boyle_nycc16_0238boyle_nycc16_0251boyle_nycc16_0272boyle_nycc16_0297boyle_nycc16_0303boyle_nycc16_0314boyle_nycc16_0328boyle_nycc16_0334boyle_nycc16_0338boyle_nycc16_0339boyle_nycc16_0347boyle_nycc16_0349boyle_nycc16_0360boyle_nycc16_0370boyle_nycc16_0373boyle_nycc16_0377boyle_nycc16_0382boyle_nycc16_0385boyle_nycc16_0399boyle_nycc16_0402boyle_nycc16_0404boyle_nycc16_0406