While on assignment at festivals I typically machine gun my way through shooting live acts on digital cameras. Like this year’s Coachella where these were shot, tight turn around at West Coast festivals to meet East Coast deadlines leads to all night editing sessions so they hit inboxes as NYC wakes up. This time round I took my Horizon film camera, a variation on the Wide Lux, to capture a few portraits and some atmosphere. The Wide Lux is a 35mm film camera with a mechanical swinging lens that often leads to fluid distortions and, if used correctly, some gorgeous double exposures that can’t be replicated digitally in camera. It represents its own functional challenges but the reaction from subjects and the perspective that encompasses the human eye’s field of peripheral vision makes it an interesting one to keep in the bottom of your camera bag.


HonneBoyle_Coachella_01_HonneGrace MitchellBoyle_Coachella_02_GraceMitchellDenzel CurryBoyle_Coachella_03_DenzelCurry


Zipper ClubBoyle_Coachella_05_ZipperClub



Jai WolfBoyle_Coachella_08_JaiWolf