Ghost is a metal band from Sweden, who’s singer is known as ‘Papa Emeritus’, a demonic kind of ‘Anti-Pope’. They played Friday night in NYC at the Barlcay’s Center before Iron Maiden took the stage, and their theatrcial style of playing and Papa’s delivery felt reminiscent of the great Alice Cooper. I also got to shoot some portraits of the band backstage in full costume.Boyle_Ghost_0019Boyle_Ghost_0132Boyle_Ghost_0158Boyle_Ghost_0217Boyle_Ghost_0236Boyle_Ghost_0242Boyle_Ghost_0248Boyle_Ghost_0252Boyle_Ghost_0256Boyle_Ghost_0261Boyle_Ghost_0266Boyle_Ghost_0269Boyle_Ghost_0270Boyle_Ghost_0275Boyle_Ghost_0299Boyle_Ghost_0305Boyle_Ghost_0336Boyle_Ghost_0343Boyle_Ghost_0349Boyle_Ghost_0352