AP_16Last weekend I shot the second Afropunk Festival in Downtown Brooklyn. This is probably the best festival I’ve shot in years as it was more or less devoid of corporate sponsorship  and the fantastic outfits radiated originality rather than ‘trying to hard’ fashion elements that distract from the music at many festivals. Afropunk is refreshing as the music lineup is wonderfully all over the place. Punk bands follow on from folk singers, then into a metal onslaught before a lively soul ensemble. Afropunk is non judgmental of race, gender, sexuality, age or cultures and seeks to illuminate causes as well as entertain. Of course the fashion was out in full force, but it was remarkably unbranded, and reminded me a little of Comic Con, in that there was a vibrant sense of fun.AP_01AP_25AP_24AP_23AP_22AP_15AP_14AP_13AP_12AP_04AP_03AP_02AP_11